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Our purpose is to help you grow your portfolio.  During 2015 the market went up
and down, but ended down by 2.23%.  If you were invested in general funds
across the market you probably did not do very well in 2015.  

Many of our subscribers tell us they made thousands following our investment
strategies.  The good news is the size of your portfolio does not matter.  Some
investors grew their portfolio 10% each quarter.  

Last quarter we posted recommendations on 5 opportunities and all 5 icreased
at least 8% or better for this quarter, one was over 22%.  We do this every
quarter, so you have the opportunity to gain 8, 10 or 22% each quarter.  

This month we will have several more that we believe will return these same

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sell so you can take your earns out at the right time.  

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