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Our Goal is to provide the reader with solid investment information that will
enhance your investment knowledge and help you build a portfolio that grows to
enrich your life.  You will find our research highlights the strengths and
weaknesses of the company and provides links to the facts, so you can follow
up yourself.    

We have broken our website down into 5 segments, a process we use to
understand the current economic and market factors, and how we find
opportunities for investment.  We investigate companies, track the economic
factors that effect the companies, observe how the markets are acting and
reaction to events, then we analyze and share our thoughts and
recommendations with you.  We have sections on planning and developing your
portfolio that will help you grow your portfolio all year long.  

We also provide links to articles from the author that are published on, Motley Fool and other websites.  We are gaining additional
writers that bring new insights and cover additional sectors of the market.

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Note 1: In the month of November we have closed 5 recommendations and
opened 2 new ones.

Note 2:  In December, the Federal Reserve Board is likely to raise the interest
rates and we have recommendations for that time.

Note 3: Recommendation for our #2 stock in 2015.  Up over 27% this year and
expected to be strong next year also.  Grow your portfolio with us.

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